Stadiums / Coliseums


Personalized Content for your Fans & Attendees

Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success. LUV offers stadiums and coliseums a new interactive and technologically advanced way to learn about the fans who visit their fields.

LUV senses how your guests move around your venue, so you can target your content and discover hot/cold areas in your facility, based on demographics, history and more.

LUV has your answers

  • Want to see which areas the 35-45 demographic tend to walk through?
  • Have an ad that would be perfect for the female 55-65 demographic?
  • Want to understand why foot traffic is low on level 3 section 150?
  • Have a targeted message/special to share with the 25-35 male demographic to boost food sales during the big game?
  • The sleek, light and LUVable Advertising Platform takes up hardly any space in your structure!


    How it Works




    Targeted Messaging

    Target advertisements and messages to the right customer, boosting brand recognition and increasing your sales and movement around your facility

    Cloud Technology

    LUV does it's work in the cloud, so you do not have to increase your computing capacity, helping your bottom line!



    Real Time Statistics

    LUV gives you the data intelligence to be nimble to changing market conditions; improving efficiency, while boosting customer comfort and increasing sales

    Location Awareness

    Where do customers walk in your facility?
    Improve product placement
    Influence specific demographics to lightly traveled areas of your venue









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