Services to Manage the Entire Process  
Onsite Assessment
LUV Advertisements can perform an onsite assessment to develop a digital signage solution customized for your needs and budget
Project Management
We can manage the entire project, including hardware and software deployments, giving you a single point of contact for the entire project
Our experienced technicians can install your displays and RFID equipment in new or existing structures, ensuring a fast installation process, no matter the size of your deployment
We offer comprehensive training to manage your advertisement network infrastructure and software applications
Business Intelligence and Analysis
Our consultants will work with you to get the most out of your data to increase consumer purchasing and your bottom line
A robust suite of support options includes technical and sustaining support. We offer replacement packages with next day delivery of displays to ensure you are running at full capacity, anywhere on the globe

Innovative and Intelligent





Target your Audience

Everything is customized to suit our lifestyles - from our music playlist to the app's we use on our tablet. Most in-store advertisements are static and provide no data for the store owner to know if they are effective. It is a guessing game.

LUV works differently.

Based on the collected personalized consumer data, insights are formed and businesses are able to leverage the information in sending the right messages, offers or products at the very moment consumer decisions are being made.


Planograms? This is 2015...

Most retailers use Planograms to better understand where to place products for the largest sales return.

The problem?

Planograms are based on theory and very little real data.

LUV Ads gives you real time foot traffic analysis so you can visually see what is occurring in each of your aisles. That is real marketing power based on real data.






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