Medical Facilities / Nursing Homes


Not just better healthcare, a better healthcare experience

The time that visitors and healthcare patients spend waiting represents a valuable opportunity to reach them with important educational announcements, programs and advertisements.

Weather updates, event reminders, bingo numbers all this and more are now available to residents with LUV Smart Digital Signage. LUV can reach residents where they spend the most time, in their rooms, which makes it as convenient as possible.

Staff are able to post notices with minimal effort with the knowledge that it's easily accessible to everyone who wants the information.

As for the healthcare institution itself, digital signage can improve profitability, the capacity to see more patients and improve the overall quality of care delivered.


How it Works


Intelligent Identification

We offer smart cards and wrist bands to your guests.

We place unobtrusive LCD screens and panel antennas around your facility.


Smart Monitoring

LUV detects when an individual or group is near a LUV screen.

Data is wirelessly read from their Smart Card and sent to LUV’s systems.



When LUV detects an individual nearby, it calculates which message works best for that individual or group.

LUV sends targeted content - personal photos, personal music, messages from loved ones - to the specific screen for the individual to view.


Patient Comfort

Hospitals, clinics and physicians' offices can be intimidating places for those that visit as both patients and as guests.

Displaying personalized content aids in comforting patients and putting their mind at ease.


Modern Care

The Right Message at the Right Time
Increase Revenue
  • Welcome visitors with personalized messages
  • Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Deliver important, timely announcements
  • Generate additional revenue with targeted advertising
  • Interactive Maps can direct visitors from point to point within facilities, thus speeding-up the process of finding a patient room or check-in area
  • Advertise gift shop products and special offers
  • Advertise upcoming events and vaccination schedules
  • Deliver important, timely announcements
  • Promote community outreach and partner programs
  • Display live weather, traffic, stock and sports news
  • Supplement training and education efforts

    Ease of Use

    Hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and community health centers around the country are using video, graphics and bulletins to reinforce messages and inform patients of important health issues, treatments and news.


    Location Awareness

    LUV provides digital mapping and location awareness, so your team will always know where your patients are at any given time. LUV records patient whereabouts so you can view where patients are likely to go within your facility.









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