Targeted Sales

Increase sales on products by targeting advertisements to specific individuals/demographics


Boost Revenue

Increase revenue by analyzing how in-store ads affect and influence your consumers purchasing habits


Heat Maps

Real time Heat Maps. Balance and fine tune advertisements to increase movement to low traffic areas


Incredible Analysis

Collect consumer information inside your venue, the same way you do when a visitor browses your web site


Intelligent Versatility for any Market


Business Intelligence and Analysis

LUV brings quantifiable results to your in-store
advertisements. Analyze how effective your Ads
are at influencing consumers and moving product.

Analyze how effective your Ads are at influencing consumers and moving product. LUV offers tools that allow you to increase your bottom line by showing you unrivaled details and insights into your business.

Software to Manage and Analyze Content

LUV gives you the data intelligence to be highly
responsive to changing market conditions, allowing
you to improve efficiency, boost customer
satisfaction, and increase sales.

Quantifiable Results

While displaying targeted advertisements to your customers, LUV constantly collects data on many aspects of consumer behavior, including:

Location inside your venue
Individual Advertisement Effectiveness
Consumer Behavior and Trends




Technical Information - LUV Digital Signage platform consist of:

Smart Cards (loyalty, member, wrist bracelets, etc)

Polarized Panel Antennas

Large or tiny LCD screens

Embedded RFID Readers

Internet and wifi connectivity ready

Lightweight data storage server

Cloud Software:

LUV Advertising management studio

LUV Analysis and Reporting

LUV Targeted and Behavioral advertising modules

Built completely in-house from the ground up


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