We're just getting Started!

The LUV platform is the beginning - there’s a lot more stuff on the way! We are already working to extend LUV's advertising tools into many other areas, and embedding our technology in products and solutions from the ground up.

Soon you will be able to view what is happening in your venue like you have never before! The possibilities are endless!

All you need is LUV!



How we came to be: A brief history of our Past

It all started when our founder was on vacation developing location aware digital maps for cruise ships. It was quickly realized that the technology being developed could be used to make advertisements far more pleasant in physical locations. Fortunately, he is a super-smart technology advocate and with the help of a few exceptionally talented individuals, LUV was born. LUV's mission is to make advertisements relevant and far more pleasant to our lifestyles, no matter where we are.

We are changing the world, one ad at a time

We are obsessed with making technology work the way real life works. Because making it more enjoyable to visit malls, stadiums and other venues makes life a lot better. It is a pretty big idea, and we could not do it without the support of our investors, partners and families. Then there's our passionate, talented team. They are the ones who make it all happen.






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